This is the extraordinary and unique story of the 11year old Venetia Burney Phair, who gave the planet Pluto its name in 1930. 77years later and Pluto now demoted, Venetia is shown the planet she named for the first time, through a telescope, on the eve of her 89th birthday.

"This is a masterpiece. I'm biased of course but I marvel at the very skilful blending of erudite information & human interest." Venetia Phair

"What an excellent film. It is historically accurate, it is charming, it is so well shot and produced. It is also unique!" Sir Patrick Moore

Written, directed and produced by Ginita Jimenez.

Duration: 13'

To celebrate IYA2009 and the 80th anniversary of Pluto's discovery in 2010, here's your chance to purchase your own limited edition DVD copy available for our Shop page.

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